I’ve been using Yogandha oils for a while now and find them very beneficial, and also very enjoyable to use as they smell lovely! 

Yogandha is an Irish company and they have 3 body oils (RelaxMuscle Soothe, and Detox which do exactly as the names indicate) and 3 roll-on oils (Balance to help feel emotionally and hormonally balanced, Ground to help calm and ease headaches, and Salute to help focus and uplift).

Yogandha is based on the fact that the sense of smell has an immediate effect on the nervous system – a fragrance can instantly change how we feel and Yogandha is about using that to bring some instant zen into key moments of your day. 

Yogandha Body oils

The body oils are lovely to use in the bath or shower, or rub directly on the skin. I use Detox after my morning shower – it contains juniper berry (purifying and a strong antioxidant) and lemongrass and sweet fennel (supporting lymphatic drainage and helps reduce cellulite). I use Muscle Soothe directly on my skin if any muscle aches (on my shoulders after spending too long at the laptop! on my legs after a jog) – it contains ginger (warms and eases pains) and sweet marjoram and cedarwood (relieves and revives tired limbs). I use Relax before going to bed – it contains lavender (calms and encourages deeper sleep) and frankincense (relieves tension and helps rejuvenate skin) and blue chamomile (encourages stillness and reflection and sleep).

Yogandha Roll-on oils

The roll-on oils can be used directly on your pulse points or, if you’re getting fed up with wearing facemasks, a nice way to transform the experience is by using the roll-on oils to roll along the perimeter of your mask (inside and out). Put on the facemask and enjoy each fragrant breath allowing you to combine mindfulness and wellbeing. I like to use Salute when I’m working at the laptop or trying to concentrate on anything, Ground if I have a headache, and Balance if I want to feel more centered. 

Sinead Duffy, the founder, has set up a discount code for all my Pearl Yoga Ireland subscribers to give you 10% off which can be used any time (apart from when combining with another discount code) and as many times as you like. 

Use Yogandha discount code pearlyoga10 and enjoy! 

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